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The story of parc. begins three generations ago nearly right where we are in Glenwood today. 


A dapper young Italian man met a beautiful English girl on a bus.  This beautiful girl from 9 Edmunds Road fell in love with the Italian man and they married.  They travelled the world and saw the sights, before returning home where they had a son and two daughters.  The eldest daughter would grow up to be soft spoken, beautiful, kind and creative.


Meanwhile, a mere kilometre away a dashing local boy from Acacia Road left our shores to bravely fight for King and Country.  When he returned he became an Accountant where he met a fiercely independent young woman at work.  The independent woman raised her siblings and then a family of her own.  This modern couple married in Court.  The independent woman with the cheeky smile and twinkle in the eye had two sons and two daughters.  Her eldest son would grow up to be a practical man.


The practical young man with a passion for life and all things mechanical caught the eye of the beautiful kind and creative eldest daughter as she was leaving a party one evening.  They fell in love, built a life together and started a family, a girl and a boy, and taught them to stick together through thick and thin.


First a girl was born, outspoken and strong.  Blonde and in curls she ruled the roost.  They lived as three and then came me.  The family was complete.  The boy and the girl grew up to be best friends for life.  The boy her charge, the girl his champion.


And so is the story of us.  And so is the story of parc.

Welcome home.



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