Restaurants around SA that say NO to straws and where to find them

Restaurants around SA that say NO to straws and where to find them
Shaina Herman, 22 March 2018



Restaurants around SA that say NO to straws and where to find them. Straws are killing our sea life and destroying the environment at an alarming rate. Local establishments, chain restaurants and individuals can make an active difference by encouraging our local hangouts to #refusethestraw and offer practical alternatives.

parc. says #RefuseTheStraw

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EatOut Top 500 Restaurants 2018

We are so happy and proud to be included in the EatOut Top 500 Restaurants for 2018.

Food: Comfort food made with love. Local ingredients star in all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and light meals. Toasted brioche with rose-water-poached peaches and pistachios; soft polenta with smoke tomato concasse, creamed spinach and mushroom, poached eggs, pancetta and parmesan; and brown-and-wild-rice salad with spiced pumpkin and beetroot, feta and molasses are sensational. End on cake.
Drinks: Coffee, wine, craft beer and inspired milkshakes
Service: Friendly and welcoming
Ambience: Cosy, spilling out on to the pavement.
And… Get there early to book your spot.


Best Sunday Brunch Spots In South Africa

Elle Decoration Magazine
Jessica Spiro

Is there anything more civilised than a Sunday brunch? We think not. And when you consider how hard chefs work during the work, it’s only natural that a lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays, so it can be difficult to find somewhere to enjoy a cheeky Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict. However, there are a few places open for a Sunday brunch and these are our favourites.

In the heart of lovely Glenwood, you can always bank on a great experience at Parc. Head down to this family-run spot for a quiet Sunday brunch and make sure you order the French cinnamon loaf.

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Best bacon sandwiches in Durban

Woody’s Brands
Food Blog

Bacon, no matter how it is served, is a winner: as a stand-alone accompaniment it becomes the highlight of the meal, and as a topping, it’s a team player that lifts all the other flavours. A case in point for the latter is, of course, the bacon sandwich. So it comes as no surprise then bacon sandwiches are standard additions to restaurant menus around South Africa, each with their own take on how to incorporate bacon between two pieces of bread. For our list, we travelled to Kwa-Zulu Natal to track down the Best Bacon Sandwiches in Durban.


best bacon sandwiches in durban

Meanwhile, over in Glenwood, there is Parc – an eatery that is a go-to brunch spot for many Durbanites and only uses locally sourced produce where possible. This cafe’s take on the bacon sandwich involves cheddar cheese, pickled onion, rocket, brown butter, fried banana, an of course, bacon! Sounds delicious, right?

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Top spots for lazy brunches in Durban

Parc. Glenwood

This easy-going favourite is known for serving brilliant brunches to locals spilling out onto the sidewalk. The Not-so-Benedict is always a winner, with a sprinkling of salty capers on top. Other exciting options might include Croque Monsieur with charcuterie, cheese and brinjal pickle; soft polenta with smoked tomato concasse and a poached egg; or the sweet and satisfying toasted brioche with rosewater-poached stone fruit, home-made cheese curd and pistachios. Be sure to grab a spot early to enjoy the live acoustic music on the pavement.



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Parc Café in Glenwood Durban

Sunday Times
Your Neighbourhood
Bridget McNulty

The best possible café experience. The very best produce personally hand selected by the chef. The best breakfast in Durban served all day long. Parc Café in the heart of Glenwood makes a lot of promises – and follows through on all of them.

You only have to take a look at their slew of awards from the last year – 2017 Accredited American Express Platinum Fine Dining Restaurant, EatOut Top 500 Restaurants in SA – Durban Café 2017, Top 100 Café Society Coffee Awards 2016, You/Huisgenoot’s Ten Best Milkshake Spots in South Africa and Top 5 Milkshakes by Expresso on SABC3 – to know that these guys mean business.


Part of this, of course, is that they have their priorities straight. Their goal is “a social, casual dining experience that captures the essence of Durban culture”. They use artisanal produce and homemade products, they focus only on breakfast and lunch, and they take great pride in their coffee. I would like to suggest the Croque Monsieur French for breakfast: two slices of artisanal bread with wholegrain mustard, local charcuterie and cheese, pan fried and frenched. Served with a summer slaw and brinjal pickle, it’s one of the best breakfasts in town.

For lunch, order a glass of bubbly and settle in for a taste sensation with their parc. Reuben open sandwich: hot corned beef, melted cheddar, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, sweet onions and watercress on potato-rosemary bread. Or, you know, breakfast again. Which is never a bad idea!


They serve an impressive array of every kind of hot and cold drink you can imagine, including flavoured iced coffees and teas. And oh my goodness me, let’s not forget those milkshakes… Chocolate orange, vanilla bean, lemon cheesecake, rooibos (yes really!) or fresh banana – they have all of these and more. They also have gin and tonic on tap.

Really, what else needs to be said? Head over to Parc Café for a delightful meal, right now.

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Durban restaurants say #strawsmustfall

Durban restaurants say #strawsmustfall

The Herald
Taschica Pillay

It’s the last straw for some environmentally conscious Durban food establishments‚ who say they have had enough of plastic pollution.

Afro’s Chicken outlets‚ Parc-Café in Glenwood‚ the KZNSA Art Gallery café and Gecko Culinary Adventures have all ditched plastic straws from their eateries in the interests of protecting the environment.


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5 Cute breakfast spots to try this weekend

Eat the most important meal of the day in style

Cosmopolitan Magazine
Andie Reeves

These days we don’t just want food that tastes good, we want it to look good and served in Instagram-worthy surroundings too. These are our top picks for pretty restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast in style.

For lazy days when you don’t want to rush (or when you wake up hungover and craving a greasy fry-up but it’s lunchtime already), a place that serves an all-day breakfast is a life-saver. Parc Café gets it right with everything, from the simple (like its perfectly prepared toast and eggs) to the snazzy (try its soft polenta with parmesan and pancetta). It also offers great alternative options like a yummy vegan burger and soya milk, so you can still enjoy your morning cappuccino without the dairy.

Must-try: Its toasted brioche with homemade curd cheese

top 5 cute breakfast spots

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5 Places for perfect Eggs Benedict

Nikita Buxton

Poach your eggs, stack them with traditional ham on an English muffin, and smother them in glossy, rich Hollandaise sauce and hey presto! You have one of our favourite breakfasts, the eggs Benedict. These days you’ll also see variations with salmon, bacon or veggie-friendly spinach, but however you like it, it truly is the breakfast of champions. Here are five great places to get your eggs Benny fix around Durban.

perfect eggs benedict in durban

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Supporting local fresh produce

Berea Mail
Garden produces first crop
Lauren Walford

THE first harvest of vegetables was gathered from the Congella Park food garden this week and will be sold to local restaurants to help the homeless men living in the park make a living.

Jennifer Rampersad from the Parks Department was very pleased with the yield and the quality of the vegetables which have been grown, and said local restaurants, Parc and Glenwood Bakery, were eager to buy the produce.

congella park fresh produce
Photo: Berea Mail

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Breakfasts to leave home for

The Mercury, Food and Wine
Debbie Reynolds

A snap survey on Facebook to find out where to get ‘the best breakfast in town’ dished up a number of restaurants and cafes, from the north and south coasts to inland. Debbie Reynolds picked out the top six as ‘voted’ by her Facebook friends – which doesn’t mean there aren’t others which deserve mention as there were at least 20 nominations.”

“There’s good reason parc. notched up several accolades last year – Top 10 Café Society Coffee Award, EatOut Top 500 restaurants in SA (Durban café) and Best Breakfast in Durban by Wanted Magazine.

This Glenwood gem is everything a good café should be, from its daily specials using locally sourced artisanal produce to its friendly professional service. Tables spill on to the pavement and on balmy Durban days, soaking up the sun is bliss. Plus, on most mornings, you get the added bonus of the aroma of freshly-baked bread coming from Glenwood Bakery next door, which, of course, is where parc.’s home-made breads are sourced.

The parc. menu is seasonal, but breakfast favourites are standard. Worthy of particular mention are the Not-so-Benedict (bacon, poached eggs, lemon hollandaise and capers on potato and rosemary bread). Toasted scone, mushroom, bacon and poached eggs with roast red peppers and wholegrain mustard cream and, my personal favourite, corn and zucchini cakes, poached eggs, coriander, haloumi, olives, tomato and vanilla relish. The coffee is definitely worth lingering over.

Breakfasts to leave home for

Eat out @ Parc Durban

Food & Home Magazine
Tracey Gielink

Here we have a down-to-earth cafe experience with a deceptively simple menu.  Expect locally sourced artisanal produce, with breads from neighbouring Glenwood Bakery and distinctive coffee from the nearby Colombo Tea and Coffee Co.  Breakfast, blissfully, is served all day.  The Not-so-Benedict sees potato and rosemary bread topped with bacon, poached eggs, lemon hollandaise and capers, or order the green asparagus, poached eggs, rocket, parmesan, brown butter vinaigrette, truffle oil and flaked almonds served on toast.  Lunch options run the gauntlet from soup to tart of the day to salads and uber sandwiches – think pulled pork, tomato, tzatziki, home-made pickles, radish, peaches and lettuce.

We visit Parc Cafe in Durban

The Pretty Blog interviews Parc Cafe:

How it all started

Parc has been a work in progress for about 10 years, I am a chef by trade and it is always been a dream of ours to open our own space. After working for 10 years in the restaurant industry, Lara and I grew tired of being able to get the same offerings wherever we went, we also wanted to show that Durban has an awesome creative current running through it which is often over looked by the rest of the country. We had a vision of forming a creative space where the creative community could meet and share, almost like the cafes in Paris in the 18th and 19th Century.

Doing me a flavour

Sunday Tribune, Sunday Food
12 January 2014
Ingrid Shevlin

Breakfast Bonanzas

Being on holiday recently with family, we did breakfasts quite a lot as it’s not a meal we get to try often. Parc, which was packed over the festive season, is offering a new breakfast item I can highly recommend: toasted rosemary and potato bread topped with green asparagus, topped with two poached eggs and a sprinkling of toasted almonds. Over all this was drizzled browned butter. Different and delicious.

doing me a flavour ingrid shevlin

Breakfast Benedictions

The Independent on Sunday, 4 January 2014
Breakfast benedictions
Colleen Bruce

“There are places you go for a breakfast when you want a quickie eggs, bacon, toast and coffee before rushing off to do your weekend chores. And then there are places you go when you want to chat over coffee, ponder the menu, chat, eat, chat, order more coffee, and then forget about the list of chores waiting for you at home.

Parc Cafe falls very firmly into the second category. It’s a trendy, comfy venue with tables spilling out on to the pavement. The service is relaxed and friendly, without being slow and inefficient.

The menu is on the blackboard wall, and the breakfast options are tempting. I was particularly impressed by one item: “Eggs + Toast (how you like them) – R30”. Simple, no fuss – just eggs and toast. But I just had to try the green asparagus, poached eggs, rocket and parmesan, brown butter vinaigrette, truffle oil and flaked almonds. It is served on your choice of toast, and I went with the potato and rosemary bread, which was light, and with just a hint of rosemary. The flavours combined beautifully, the eggs were perfect, and the almonds gave a wonderful crunchy texture to a delicious dish.

My companion finds it impossible to pass up an opportunity to have Eggs Benedict. Parc’s version is described as “Not-so-Benedict – bacon, poached eggs, lemon Hollandaise and capers on Adam’s potato rosemary bread”. He was most impressed with the flavours and generous portion of sauce. So often the Hollandaise is a puny blob on the eggs. He asked for an extra slice of that tasty toast to mop up the excess, and declared the dish just perfect.

It was a cool and rainy morning, so he decided to finish off his meal with a hot chocolate. There is a choice of white or dark chocolate, and it comes in a glass with a crocheted cosy so you don’t burn your fingers. Very cool!

There are many tea and coffee options, and some very yummy-sounding shakes and cakes. And for those who need connectivity, there’s free wifi.

The atmosphere at Parc is chilled and happy, and we will definitely be back for a slow Saturday breakfast. All the breads served are from the Glenwood Bakery next door.”

Breakfast Benedictions

Best Breakfast Parc Cafe

Business Day Newspaper, Wanted Magazine writes:

Owned by siblings Brett and Lara Gentles, this Glenwood bistro focuses on artisanal product. Brett – formerly the chef at 9th Avenue Bistro – supports and showcases only the finest locally made produce on the menu. Try their popular No-so-Benedict — poached eggs, bacon, lemon hollandaise and capers served on neighbour Glenwood Bakery’s potato and rosemary bread.

best breakfast parc cafe

EatOut Top 500 Restaurants 2014

EatOut Magazine Top 500 Restaurants 2014 award review:

This tucked away neighbourhood gem has a chef with serious credentials, but they’ve chosen to offer a relaxed daytime eatery. Local is lekker: bread from the next door bakery, coffee from a roastery nearby and they’re looking to grow their own vegetables in future. Lunch options change regularly, but expect the likes of sandwiches with roasted garlic chicken, onion pickle, fresh tomato and herb and garlic mayo, served with a carrot and beet slaw.

Stand-out dishes: outstanding version of eggs Benedict on potato and rosemary bread with streaky bacon, lemon hollandaise and capers; and banana French toast with fresh banana, cashews and honey.

eatout top 500 restaurants 2013

Top 10 Durban Restaurants and Cafes

TravelstartBlog blogged about Parc.

Nestled in the heart of Glenwood – Durban’s vibrant varsity suburb, Parc Cafe offers a laidback dining experience that captures the essence of eThekwhini culture. Menu’s written in chalk on the walls, indoor and sidewalk seating and friendly service create a comfy and casual sanctuary in the city. Expect fuss-free muesli’s, salads, sandwiches and quiches in a colourful setting.

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Top 10 Cafe Society Awards 2013


parc glenwood durban coffeeparc. is awarded with a spot in the top 10 coffee shops in Durban. Andre Schubert writes:

I really loved my visit to Parc, a small daytime roadside cafe next to Glenwood Bakery. Seating is inside and on the pavement. One wall serves as a blackboard menu. I tried the potato, onion and cheese quiche with a side salad with burned butter dressing, which was interesting and tasty. My 100 percent Arabica Fedora Classic (Columbo) cappuccino was perfectly expressed and served at the right temperature. I will be back.

parc cafe cappuccino

Sensational open sarmies

House and Leisure Magazine
Leisure Spotlight

A cool new place to eat in Durban’s Glenwood is Parc Cafe, run by chef Brett Gentles (ex 9th Avenue Bistro) and his sister, Lara. Using fresh-baked bread from the artisanal bakery next door, it serves sensational open sarmies. Other fare has equal flare, with breakfast specials such as banana bread French toast with fresh banana cashews and honey, and a lunch menu stretching from salads to watermelon and cocunut gazpacho with ginger and chocolate.



Sunday Times, 18 August 2013
Shelley Seid

We, the denizens of Durban, like nothing better than taking it easy, so I was attracted to Parc, the new cafe in Glenwood that everyone is talking about. It’s seriously popular so I had to wait a while for a table. The crowd was as laid back as the venue, and I spent time nodding and smiling and reading the wall – a giant blackboard that sports the menu.

I eventually parked off with a great cappuccino, aromatic with a dense crema, a classic espresso blend from Colombo Coffee. That Colombo is just a couple of street away is no coincidence, because at parc., local is lekker – breads and croissants from the Glenwood artisan bakery next door, cakes from the famous Lucy Markewicz, meat from the butcher around the corner.

It takes a stronger will than mine to resist ordering a little something to join a second cappy. I’ve always preferred breakfasts in the afternoon, something Parc seems to understand, so I could indulge in a Not-so-Benedict – bacon, poached eggs, lemon hollandaise and capers on potato and rosemary bread. The Wi-Fi is strong but choose a weekday if you feel like a surf – Saturday’s the day to beat the crowds to the best brunch in Durban.



Parc Cafe – Glenwood

Coffey and Cake blogged about parc.

Saturday morning, sushine, sidewalks and Parc Cafe. Parc Cafe is a Glenwood, sidewalk cafe and can be found in the Oslo Buildings, Shop 2a, 394 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, Durban. Menu’s written in chalk on the walls, friendly and speedy service, and space to sit inside or out on the sidewalk. This what makes a great cafe, in my opinion.

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parc. off

Noodle was here blogged about parc.

So take the ex-sous chef from 9th Avenue Bistro and put him in Glenwood next to an artisanal bakery and the result is what perfect saturday mornings are made of.
The menu is tasty and seasonal and from-scratch loveliness. I love the Not-So-Benedict (always get an extra slice of toast) and Mr T swears by the warm Sweet Potato & Ginger Chicken Salad.

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Nuts about Parc’s nosh

The Mercury, Good Life, 12 July 2013
Frank Chemaly

“I love peanut butter. As kids we would make “gobstopper” sandwiches for school – hunks of bread spread thick with the stuff, often tarted up with honey, syrup or apricot jam. Other kids thought they were posh because their mommies served plastic pink viennas with lashings of tomato sauce – in a roll too. I still shudder at the though today. Others boasted banana and condensed milk – horrors. But the humble peanut always got my vote. It’s still the ultimate comfort food.

So when at PARC recently I was offered a peanut butter milkshake, I jumped at the opportunity. Not even the array of freshly squeezed fruit juices could dissuade me. And delicious it was – a meal in a glass.

Recently opened, Parc is the brainchild or Brett Gentles who was the sous chef at Ninth Avenue Bistro. It’s there to celebrate the fresh, the organic and unusual taste sensations in a casual and relaxed eating ambience. It’s another string to Glenwood’s culinary reinvention that’s helping tip the scales in favour of the south side of Berea Road. It’s popular too and it offers free wifi.

The menu is chalked up on the board depending on what’s in season and cooking in the chef’s head. Breakfasts are certainly interesting. Think banana bread French toast, fresh banana, roasted cashews, yoghurt and honey – that’s quite some combination. Or the not so Benedict – poached eggs, lemon Hollandaise and capers, served on sweet potato and rosemary bread. All breads come from the Glenwood Bakery next door.

Lunch consisted of a selection of salads, gourmet open sandwiches, and a couple of soups ideal for wintry weather. There is coq au vin on garlic mash for those who want something heartier.

Salads might include roast beetroot, radish, apple, lettuce, avo and lentils with goat’s cheese; or warm winter veg, quinoa, orange, herbs, feta and pumpkin seeds. Yes, there’s a multitude of flavours on the plate.

Maureen’s salad of sweet potato, gingered chicken, rocket and coriander in a soy and chilli dressing was a winner. definitely the pick of the day. I opted for the tarte – flaky pastry topped with balsamic onions, pan seared tomatoes, feta and basil, with a salad of mixed greens. It sounds similar to a breakfast I make for a vegetarian friend, except instead of flaky pastry she gets plain toast. It was most enjoyable if a shade sweet with all those natural sugars coming to the fore. Don opted for an open sandwich with hummus, grilled aubergine, onion sprouts, watercress and goat’s cheese with a beetroot and carrot slaw. The sandwich hit the right spot, the slaw perhaps needing something to liven it up. But plenty of imaginative and interesting cooking.

Cakes too are a speciality, supplied by Lucy’s Cake Shop. The cheesecake had been flattened already, so lunch was rounded off with “yummy slices” – that’s a brownie type base topped with a layer of soft fudgy filling covered in chocolate with nuts and fruit thrown in for good measure. Delicious, but oh so rich. Coffees – they use Colombo – were first class.”


Parcing off

The Sunday Tribune, Sunday Magazine, 9 June 2013
by Ingrid Shevlin

“Something different is the newly opened Parc Cafe in Glenwood, next door to the Glenwood artisanal bakery. According to its website, it aims to “offer a social, casual dining experience that captures the essence of Durban culture”.

They proudly serve Colombo coffee, bread from the Glenwood Bakery and Lucy’s cakes (Lucy being cake boss Lucy Markewicz).

Parc Cafe is an attractive venue with a contemporary feel that still manages to be homely. The vibe is warm and our waitress, Zora, was superb. There are tables indoors and on the pavement. Parc is owned by Brett Gentles (the chef) and his sister Lara. Brett is Christina Martin-trained and his extensive work experience includes a stint as sous chef at 9th Avenue Bistro.

My friend Meleney and I were there for lunch one Monday and found Parc surprisingly packed and buzzy – for a new restaurant and a Monday, that is.

The menu is chalked on a board on the wall and because they serve food in unusual combinations, and I didn’t want to get anything wrong, I painstakingly copied it down in my trusty notebook, only to find it is on the website ( But, if I compared my notebook with the website menu, it’s clear Brett tweaks his options.

Meleney was a little dubious about some food combos but we were pleasantly surprised. Parc has about nine breakfast items, the most interesting being banana bread French toast with fresh banana, cashews and honey; pork sausage, eggs, mixed greens, apple chilli chutney, toast and onion pickle; and Eggs Benedict (bacon, poached eggs, lemon hollandaise and capers on Adam’s potato and Rosemary bread).

Salad options include roast beetroot, radish, green apple, lettuce, avocado and lentils with goat’s cheese vinaigrette; and grilled aubergine, baby spinach, cucumber, roast butternut, fresh grapes, mint, coriander, basil and toasted seeds with cumin and yoghurt dressing. Phew.

There are two soup options, the weirdest of which is a wintermelon and coconut gazpacho with ginger and chocolate. And there are three open sandwich choices. I wont’ share the ingredients but you know by now that Brett believes the more, the better.

We decided to order three items and share: Sweet potato cake topped with poached eggs and served with tomato relish, brown mushrooms, rocket, crème fraiche and toasted pumpkin seeds; sweet potato and gingered chicken salad with rocket and coriander, drizzled with a soy-chilli dressing; and quiche with a sautéed kale, red onions and preserved lemon served with greens dressed with brown butter vinaigrette.

All of this was amazingly good, especially the quiche, which Meleney had originally scorned. For dessert we had croissant with lemon curd and fruit butter and one of Lucy’s meringue and hazelnut cakes served in a muffin case. Divine.

Prices are very reasonable, with major items ranging from R45 – R65. The bill came to a modest R210.”


My favourite breakfast spot

Ask Ashe blogged about parc.

Next door to the bakery is Parc Cafe, which has officially become my favourite breakfast spot after I tried their bircher muesli. Rabbit food you might say, but my word, this was the most deliciously creamy muesli I have ever tasted, with freshly grated apple, pomegranate seeds, not-too-sweet honey and cinnamon in the exact right quantities – flip I need some of this again soon! The eggs benedict were impressive too and the lunch menu written up on the chalkboard walls included some pretty yummy sounding salads, sarmies and quiches so we’ll be back soon!

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parc. Cafe has opened its doors in Glenwood

Deelish Life ‘n’ Style Magazine

Durbanites have good reason to celebrate. parc. Cafe has opened its doors in Glenwood. This little culinary sanctuary has found the perfect home right next door to the Glenwood Bakery and just a few hundred meters away from Colombo Coffee, two of Durban’s foodie hot spots.

Chef patron, Brett Gentles, who honed his already sharp culinary skills whilst working with Graham Neilson of 9th Avenue Bistro, explains that the food at parc. is not bistro, it’s not cafe, it is just parc. He uses seasonal ingredients and supports local artisanal producers and when he says local, he means it. Brett is in the process of negotiating vegetable supply from a small farm which empowers local women; the bread at parc. is supplied by the Glenwood Bakery; the coffee is from Colombo Coffee in Umbilo Road and his cakes and pastries are made by his good friend and previous boss, Lucy Markewicz from Lucy’s cakes.

“We were tired of going out to eat and finding the same things on every menu” says Lara Gentles, Brett’s sister and business partner. So they have created a seasonal menu which offers something different. Try the stack of sweet potato cakes, tomato relish, brown mushroom, rocket, poached eggs, cremé fraiche and toasted pumpkin seeds for breakfast.

As a light lunch option the Wintermelon and coconut gazpacho with ginger and chocolate is a fabulous combination of flavours. Sandwiches include the likes of Hummus, grilled aubergine, onion sprouts, watercress, goats cheese with preserved lemon and French roast garlic chicken, onion pickle, herb and garlic mayo with fresh tomato served on a choice of artisanal breads.

parc. is open for breakfast and lunch but Brett is already talking about hosting dinners which will make local foodies even happier.



Check out the awesome new Parc. Cafe

Happiness is… blogged about parc.

So last week I stumbled across another new Durban cafe – and what a gem it turned out to be! It’s right next door to the Glenwood Bakery, which is a relatively quiet little spot so it’s a great escape from the hustle of everywhere else. Great decor: simple, clean, great colours and furniture. Free WiFi. Great people: Brett Gentles, the friendly owner and “one of the best creative chefs to come out of Durban” (to quote an article in the Mercury!), has worked at the 9th Avenue Bistro and has now started Parc. Cafe with his sister Lara. And the foooooood…

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A delightfully tasteful table

The Mercury, Food & Wine, 27 March 2013
Mpume Mqwebu

One of the best creative chefs to come out of Durban, Brett Gentles, provided the more-ish petit fours, especially the granadilla sponge with bitter caramel and coconut and the figs with cinnamon and honey almandine. Table talk is that Gentles is opening a new restaurant, parc. cafe, in Glenwood in May.

Having worked with chef Graham Neilsen of 9th Avenue Bistro (my favourite restaurant in the country!), he is venturing into this restaurant business in partnership with his sister Lara Gentles. Brett promises a fresh, young, non-pretentious food place that he refuses to tie down to a type of cuisine. He will be cooking in season with local farmers and artisans.