Best Sunday Brunch Spots In South Africa

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Jessica Spiro

Is there anything more civilised than a Sunday brunch? We think not. And when you consider how hard chefs work during the work, it’s only natural that a lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays, so it can be difficult to find somewhere to enjoy a cheeky Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict. However, there are a few places open for a Sunday brunch and these are our favourites.

In the heart of lovely Glenwood, you can always bank on a great experience at Parc. Head down to this family-run spot for a quiet Sunday brunch and make sure you order the French cinnamon loaf.

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Best bacon sandwiches in Durban

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Bacon, no matter how it is served, is a winner: as a stand-alone accompaniment it becomes the highlight of the meal, and as a topping, it’s a team player that lifts all the other flavours. A case in point for the latter is, of course, the bacon sandwich. So it comes as no surprise then bacon sandwiches are standard additions to restaurant menus around South Africa, each with their own take on how to incorporate bacon between two pieces of bread. For our list, we travelled to Kwa-Zulu Natal to track down the Best Bacon Sandwiches in Durban.


best bacon sandwiches in durban

Meanwhile, over in Glenwood, there is Parc – an eatery that is a go-to brunch spot for many Durbanites and only uses locally sourced produce where possible. This cafe’s take on the bacon sandwich involves cheddar cheese, pickled onion, rocket, brown butter, fried banana, an of course, bacon! Sounds delicious, right?

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Top spots for lazy brunches in Durban

Parc. Glenwood

This easy-going favourite is known for serving brilliant brunches to locals spilling out onto the sidewalk. The Not-so-Benedict is always a winner, with a sprinkling of salty capers on top. Other exciting options might include Croque Monsieur with charcuterie, cheese and brinjal pickle; soft polenta with smoked tomato concasse and a poached egg; or the sweet and satisfying toasted brioche with rosewater-poached stone fruit, home-made cheese curd and pistachios. Be sure to grab a spot early to enjoy the live acoustic music on the pavement.



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